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Phase II. Our Projects.

Project 1. Horse Barn

Florida Woodcrafters Design & Build Barn

Albania & Tom Crosbie and Bobby Downing generously donate their time and talents to build a barn to house the therapy horses. They are the definition of craftsmanship (yes look it up!). Thanks also goes to Tom Ambrosio of Next Level Construction for his help on the project.

Project 2. Fencing & Arenas

The plans for Miles Ranch includes two horse arenas, one outside and one under shelter, for EAP & EAL exercises.  The covered arena will significantly improve the guests' comfort level working through various exercises and challenges during the summer.

Project 3. Equipment

Building and maintaining a twenty acre an EAP/EAL facility can be a daunting task. The Florida summer rainy season also means the Florida summer rainy growing season. We are in need of equipment to help us grow while we controlling the growing.

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